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Car Loans

Been dreaming of a new set of wheels? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Let us make it happen for you with our personalised car finance options.

Whether you are considering that new showroom model beauty or a sweet second-hand deal from a private seller, our car loans have you covered.

Types of Car Loans

Novated Lease

A novated lease is a form of salary packaging through a three-way agreement between you, your employer and the finance company.

Balloon Payment

A balloon payment is the lump sum remaining on your car loan at the end of the term after all repayments are made, that you owe your lender.

Secured Car Loan

A secured car loan, also known as a consumer car loan, is designed for people who use their vehicle for personal use only.

How do car loans work?

One of the best benefits of taking on secured car loans to purchase a vehicle, over a more general personal loan, is that it often includes a much lower interest rate and a higher chance of approval. This is due to its specific financial interest, which makes secured car loans less risky from the lender’s perspective.

We also finance private sale cars. You do not need to be purchasing your vehicle from a dealer to qualify for car finance. All of our car loan options cover private sales too, so rest easy, you can shop wherever you like.

We have devised an easy-to-use car loan calculator to help determine your loan’s repayments, which you can customise to your needs. However, they are not exhaustive in covering all expenses. A car finance plan often involves secondary fees owed to account keeping or broker-related costs. We make sure to keep tabs on such fees and bring it to your attention. Different lenders have different criteria and we have an in-depth understanding regarding these variations which enables us to facilitate better car loans for you.

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Furthermore, some loans offer the option of a balloon payment. This is the last repayment at the end of your loan term which is a relatively large sum. This can reduce your periodic payoffs and help you afford a more expensive vehicle model. However, whether a balloon payment is suitable or not highly depends on your circumstances as well as future plans for selling or upgrading the vehicle. We value attention to the little details like these as they can play a big part in negotiating the right loan terms for you.

We have your best interests in mind; we assess if a car loan will stay affordable throughout your loan term and does not risk posing financial hardship in the future.

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Smart car finance

With our expertise, we can efficiently assess the numerous car loan options in a saturated market to deliver the most suitable solution for you. We know what is required to determine what works for you and gets the best deal.

Our car loan calculator is straightforward and practical to use. It helps you to decide on the amount you would like to borrow, indicate your preference for a fixed or customised interest rate and design the best period to pay off the loan. With these details, the car loan calculator works out the monthly repayments as well as the overall sum you will be spending.

Car finance should not have to be so complicated. We strive for an easy going customer experience that makes finance enjoyable for you. We provide an accurate assessment whether a car loan is financially suitable for you. Through personable, transparent and focused discussions, we can formulate concise loan options that are a breeze to manage while you reap all the benefits.

No more fiddly paperwork or head-scratching over the technicalities. We filter and cater the information in clear and uncomplicated terms.

So give us a call today and start exploring your options. Getting that dream car could be just around the corner.

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