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Are you an owner driver in need of a new car but do not have enough savings?
More often than not, our clients come to us as they do not have the sufficient savings or cash flow needed to purchase a vehicle right off the bat for commercial or self-employed work.

Well, we have a variety of owner driver finance options – such as rent to own. DriverLend owner driver finance, helps eliminate your financial restrictions and get you to where you need to be to start driving commercially right away

What is DriverLend?

Our in-house owner driver finance service delivers suitable financial options for drivers who need a vehicle for commercial purposes but do not possess the current funds on hand to purchase one. Rent to own cars is also an option where small regular repayments are made until you own the car.

What is DriverLend about?

Driverlend is designed to service all your commercial driving financial needs. Whether you’re an Uber, courier or subcontracted driver, we’ve got you covered. For new owner drivers, DriverLend provides financial services that are less costly with higher approval rates compared to conventional loans that may have more restrictive and demanding criteria. DriverLend is the perfect economical alternative to a conventional car loan if you require a vehicle for personal business use – be it courier delivery, an Uber driver or other driver-centric jobs.

Our reputation as an experienced car financier allows us to procure competitive, low-cost commercial car loans for clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. You may have defaults, bad credit or be the holder of a temporary visa; we do not discriminate. We believe that anybody who wants to work deserves the opportunity to do so.

We get to know about your personal needs and work requirements so that we can tailor a owner driver finance plan to suit you. Our application process is simple and straightforward – all we require regarding documentation is your current Australian Business Number (ABN), driver’s license, confirmation of your address through a document (such as a utility bill) and a Medicare or Visa card, if applicable. If you do not have an ABN and are unsure of how to go about getting one, get in touch with us, and we will advise your options.

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Fast and flexible owner driver finance

Leave it to us to negotiate the best terms in the industry and pass on the benefits to you. We can tailor better value options with 100% tax deductible rates. We want the best possible solution for you and understand you need to start earning with your new wheels – which is why we pride ourselves on our fast approval rates. By working to get your plan swiftly approved in as little as 24 hours, we can get you on the road in a snap.

Our car loans are made to be flexible. You can choose to make affordable monthly repayments on a car and return it at the end of your term, or rent to buy cars which gives you the choice of purchasing your vehicle at the end of the lease. Whether you only need a vehicle to drive temporarily or would like to own one outright, we have an option to suit.

We only work with reputable lenders allowing us to customise solutions catered to your unique needs, explicit communication of all terms and definitely no hidden catches.

We ensure that you only sign on for an owner driver term that has fixed charges that you are completely happy with. Our relationship with you is always based on 100% transparency, so rest easy with a lease that benefits and protects at the same time.

Are you an Uber driver looking for a new car?

Maybe you’re an Uber driver who is just starting out or you simply need to upgrade your car. If you are seeking an Uber car rental, we have access to packages with flexible rental periods and cancellation guidelines. We know that plans can change so we offer terms that do not charge early termination fees.

Besides quick turnaround approval rates, we deliver even more convenience to you with options for using your Uber car rental for personal use driving.

Holding a temporary job as an Uber driver does not mean you should scrimp on coverage. We will help you find the right, coverage-inclusive Uber driver package that meets your safety needs in the case of accidents or thefts.

Furthermore, we offer the 101 on Uber car requirements. We have been helping Uber drivers with their car needs from the get-go. Not only can we help with finance but with our dealer connections, we can also help you find the perfect car at great rates that pass Uber car requirements.

Get in touch with us now so we can start comparing Uber car rentals to find the best rates and packages for you.

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