Home Deposit Finance

Home Deposit Finance

Don’t have enough savings yet to buy a home? Don’t worry, we can help!

We know it’s hard to get on the property ladder! Saving up for a deposit can take years and while you are saving properties keep getting more expensive putting that goal further out of reach and creating sometimes an endless race to the finishing line. With every year you spend saving, another year goes by where you don’t have a property accumulating value for you.

We get it, and we are here to help with a revolutionary new finance product – Home Deposit Finance.

How can we help?

Historically, when home buyers did not have enough savings for a deposit, the bank would offer them ‘100%’ mortgages, which came with a much higher home loan interest rate, making it a very costly option for the home buyer. Today, as banks tighten their criteria, those types of loans are mostly non-existent – making the Australian dream of getting on the property ladder almost impossible for many – and forcing many into longer-term home loans, again making it more expensive to realise their dreams. At Money For Jam, we have EXCLUSIVE access to home deposit loans that can give you the deposit cash you need to get your own home and the mortgage to go with it. Meaning you can borrow a small amount from us and use it for your deposit AND then get a normal cheaper home loan, which can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your home loan.

So you get your dream home now – rather than risking saving for longer and still not having any certainty around the price of properties in future years.

We are here to help you realise that dream – so Contact us now or Request a call back from one of our professional loan experts.

Are you eligible?

As long as you are employed with no bad credit you could be able to get your own home now, click on the link below to get pre-approved for your own deposit loan today and start your property journey sooner!


We can lend up to a maximum of $140,000 for a couple depending on their circumstances. Usually, that large an amount is not required as for people looking to buy a home to live in they only need between 6-8% of the property price set aside.

This is entirely separate, these funds are to be used as a deposit on a home of your choosing and the home loan will be done separately after you have picked a home and signed a contract. We can help you with the mortgage too.

Even better! We can 'top up' your savings to speed up your journey to your chosen home. Give us a call to see how much you would need.

This depends on a lot of factors, such as your income and overall situation, but as a general rule, you can get a home that is worth roughly 10-11 times your total deposit (this includes the funds we get for you) This is a rough estimate so if you want an exact figure get in touch and we can let you know an exact number.

Depending on how much you need to borrow and your circumstances this will change, but your repayment could be as low as $110 per week for a $30,000 loan.**

** This is an estimate only and does not constitute a Finance Quote, we will provide the exact repayment amount before you apply for a loan, this estimate is based off a 7-year loan term

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