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Want a new leisure toy? Maybe we can help.

Are you looking for a new toy for your next camping trip? With the right leisure loan, you can get your next dream toy at the rates you can afford, right now. Using our experience and well-established lenders, we have access to a wide range of loans with competitive, low-cost rates. Boat finance, caravan loans, motorbike finance – just to name a few.

Your dreams should not be on the backburner. Let’s live for now. Let us help make your dream a reality. Pick your next toy and read on to find out how together we can make it yours, now.

Boat Finance

Want to put the wind in your sails? If you fancy being out on the water exploring, fishing or water skiing, then a boat or yacht could be your toy of choice. Do not take out the boat loans just yet though – let us run through a brief overview of the things you need to consider.

Boat Finance

Before diving into boat finance, you need a clear idea of the type of watercraft you will be shopping for, based on the recreational activities you will be using it for. This will help you to work out your budget and loan type and features. Once you have decided on your choice of boat, we can formulate the appropriate boat loans for you. We customise your boat finance so that you know exactly what payments you will be making and when. We prefer to keep things uncomplicated and straightforward.

We also conduct in-depth discussions to get a clear picture of your requirements and finances. From there, we can filter through and select the best boat loans for your situation. We work for you, so that boat financing is simplified.

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Caravan Finance or RV Finance

Wishing that you could own your own caravan? It would make family trips that much more convenient, just hook on and go. The great news is that it could be yours sooner than you think.

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We all need to get away from time to time. Owning your own caravan or campervan makes it that much easier, and cheaper too. Whether you are eyeing something second-hand or brand new, we can tailor caravan finance to suit you and your circumstances.

Caravan loans do not typically involve a deposit, and with our lenders’ highly flexible repayment terms you use that money for your next trip instead. With the popularity of caravan finance, there are numerous options available on the market; we help narrow it down to only the most competitive options that match your specific needs.

We know just how much you are looking forward to hitting the road with your new toy, so we will work hard to get your caravan loan finalised fast so you can get going. Even better, we can get you pre-approved, so you know your buying capacity while you shop around and the confidence that it will be approved.

Give us a call today so we can start customising the right-fit caravan finance package for you.

Motorbike Finance

Our flexible motorbike finance gets you on the road with your new toy fast with peace of mind that you have a secure repayment plan under your belt. We make motorbike finance easy so that you can just enjoy the ride.

motorbike finance

Finding it hard to justify spending the money on that new bike you have been eyeing? Well, we can help out with that. By comparing all the loans on the market, we will find you the most competitive motorbike finance best suited to your needs. A new bike may be closer than you think.

We can also get you pre-approved for motorcycle loans, giving you leverage when negotiating with bike dealers and the assurance of a clear shopping budget. Also, if you cannot decide on your purchase within the proposed time frame, we can always arrange for an extension on your pre-approved motorcycle loans.

Motorcycle financing can be complicated; we will ensure that there are no hidden fees or catches so everything is transparent and clear-cut. With our financial experience and eye for detail, we keep you on track, so you worry less and enjoy living it up more.

Whether you are hankering for a new scooter to ride to work or a weekend sports bike to play around on, our tailored motorcycle finance is guaranteed to suit.

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